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Buying our products you get:

1. Guaranteed Quality
We offer only our own products, created by experienced artists and tested by our specialists.  

2. Optimization
All of our images are optimized for most of fields of application that means they have a minimal number of knots and closed circuits. It allows using them in different projects and also makes the following editing easier.

3. 100% Vinyl-Ready
Our products is especially prepared for different types of plotters Ц cutting, etching and milling ones. These are multifunctional images which apart from the above-mentioned advantages do not contain crossed or osculating lines. This fact ensures a perfect result on practically any output device.

4. Widespread formats
You get images of widespread formatsl , EPS (Level 1), /AI (Adobe Illustrator 3.x) and also HQ Vector PDF-catalogues of these collections which can be printed.

5. Secure payment

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Vector Clipart (EPS, AI)

All of the vector graphic images submitted here - ready-to-cut vector clipart - are created by us. The images in a vector format (EPS, AI, and CDR) are downloadable ONLY from our site!

We will greatly appreciate if you put a link to our website when using these images in your projects.

All the images are created by experienced artists. The images are specially prepared to achieve the best quality results. They have a vast area of application, including vinyl cutting (vinyl-ready), laser etching, screen printing, desktop publishers', tattoo-design, web-design, flash-animation etc.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, you can receive detailed information by clicking on names of collections in the left column or sending us your questions.

Attention! You can use these images, but it is not allowed to distribute, publish or sell them in any way unless you purchase a license.

Vinyl-ready vector clipart
All Vinyl-Ready Vector Clipart - the unique offer for you!
High-Quality Vector Graphics for Vehicle Design, Tattoo Design, Flash & Web Graphics, T-Shirt Design, Embroidery, Desktop Publishing and others...

Our Vector Clipart has the widest range of application, including Sign Vinyl Cutting and Sign Making, Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, Routing & Laser Engraving, Large Format Printing.

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