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Creative Uses For Vector Images

Computer generated images, such as characters, logos and  clip art , is generally produced using either 'bitmap' technology, or vectors. Bitmaps are described using pixels, whereas vectors are made up of mathematically precise shapes. This makes vectors the more scalable of the two techniques, because it is far easier to resize shapes than scale pixel images up or down without losing quality. Additionally, vectors tend to be better suited to printing than bitmaps. Bitmaps that look good on a digital screen, which may only have a resolution of 72 pixels per inch, are likely to look grainy and unprofessional when printed, because modern printers often have resolutions as high as 600 pixels per inch. As you might imagine then, there are plenty of good uses for vector images in everything from marketing to web media and even arts and crafts. Here we take a look at just some of them:

Logo design

Any business or marketing specialist will tell you that branding is one of the most important things when it comes to a business, or another venture you might be embarking on like a blog or a band. While branding doesn't begin and end with your logo, it can be a pretty significant part of it, and a good vector logo will give you a lot of flexibility. If you design your basic logo as a vector, it will be easy to create different sized versions of it for different purposes, or fill it with different colors or gradients. You will also be able to print it easily onto any marketing materials you are planning to make, including fabric if you want your logo on t-shirts or other clothing, perhaps as uniforms for your staff, corporate gifts, or merchandise.

Arts and crafts

Learning to make your own vector images can be a great thing to do if you are interested in arts and crafts. You can design your own images to print out for various  paper based art projects like decoupage, collage, and origami , and you can also use vectors to create backgrounds you can use for things like 3D dioramas. Again, the things you use your vectors for do not have to be limited to paper - you can print vectors onto silk screens for  fabric based crafts  as well, or, if you have the right equipment, can even print onto plates that can be used to make images on wood, plastic and other surfaces. Vector images can be transferred much more easily than bitmaps and scaled and colored in more flexible ways, so if you want reusable characters, lettering, backgrounds or other images that can be used across all of your hobbies and craft projects, designing them in a vector format on your computer or tablet is ideal. 

Character design

If you want to design characters for use in comic strips, animations, games, or just as mascots for your brand, vectors make easier work of it than other forms of computer design. This is because you can manipulate and reuse parts of drawings much more easily thanks to the easy scalability offered by vector technology. This can speed up animation dramatically, and can also make it easier to create storyboard panels as you can drop characters in and reposition them quickly. Vector files also take up less space than bitmaps, so if you are producing a big library of characters or posting all of your art on the web, the files you need will be smaller and use up less resources if you do everything as vectors.

Web design elements

Some web designers use vectors for just about everything on their websites, including buttons, menus, and even fonts . This can create some good effects, but if you would prefer your text to be a standard web font, it can still make sense to use vectors for any custom navigation buttons or other interactive elements. Once again, this is because having the uniformity and the nice, sleek effects you can get from using vectors is good for branding, and because you can reuse vector elements you have created in different sizes and colors for different buttons without having to draw new ones every time.

These are just some of the things people commonly use vector imaging for in their businesses, websites and hobbies. Getting started with vectors is not too difficult if you choose the right package, or alternatively there are plenty of design companies who create vector logos, characters and other collateral for their clients.

Author: Claire Holt

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